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PIC Balancer - Managing Highest cells first

This illustrates how the balancer works the cells down from highest to lowest:
The white vertical bars represent the duty cycle of discharge cycles (the ON vs OFF time for the FETs)
The highest cells are a long way from lowest and 1st cycle (column 2) is 100%; 1 cell is being discharged
The highest (blue diamond) cell had been discharged a bit already so rises and falls with discharge and rest cycles
The next cell (yellow/red triangle) resists intial short discharges then responds in a similar manner (column 12)
Cells rest for half the 50% duty cycles so their voltages rise immediately after which often triggers a 100% next
In columns 11 to 14 the two top cells alternate in being discharged at 100% and then the blue gets more attention
You can see the downward trend as the balancer gradually 'ratchets' the two cells down togther

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