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PIC Balancer - Final Cell Balancing (example 'E8')

This illustrates how the balancer can kick in again if left to settle longer (~3 minutes shown here):
We can see here how the pack settles after the intitial balance and then drifts a little before reaching equilibrium
(EEPROM memory can only store 32 events so this comprises two consecutive recordings with the middle shortened)
One cell starts high (pink square) so gets 100% duty cycle but the overshoot keeps kicking in to prevent over-discharge
The three voltages then reach the chosen accuracy level (0.01v gap) until the lowest cell dips/jitters down 0.005v
This triggers a 12% duty cycle (1/4 of max because gap is so low) which pulls the highest down a tighter grouping
A 25% duty cycle occurs right at the end as the gap widens briefly and this proves enough to pull the cells together

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